GK Quiz-13 December 2017

Q1. In which of the following states, Rudrasagar Lake, also known as Rudijala, is a lake located? A. Uttarakhand B. Assam C. Himachal Pradesh D. Tripura Answer: D. Tripura Learn more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudrasagar_Lake Q2. Which one of the following can one come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca? A. Java B. Singapore C. Brunei D. … Continue reading GK Quiz-13 December 2017


Current Affairs[Quiz]-12 December 2017

Q1. Which scheme has been approved by the state government of Bihar aimed at putting a check on eve-teasing and other crimes against women at public places across the state? A. "Safe City for Women" B. "City Surveillance for Women" C. "Safe City Surveillance" D.  "Women Safety City Surveillance" Answer: C. "Safe City Surveillance" Learn more: http://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/scheme-for-checking-crimes-against-women-at-public-places-117121101126_1.html Q2. The … Continue reading Current Affairs[Quiz]-12 December 2017

General Knowledge-Set 02

1. In which year, the first Indian cotton mill was established in Bombay? A. 1874 B. 1854 C. 1845 D. 1861 Answer: B. 1854 The first Indian cotton mill, "The Bombay Spinning Mill", was opened in 1854 in Bombay by Cowasji Nanabhai Davar. It was the first mill opened by any Indian enterprise with an Indian … Continue reading General Knowledge-Set 02