One Minute Kaizen Method-Panacea for Laziness

As a student, I know when we set out for any exam, we have the zeal and enthusiasm. We buy new books from the market. We subscribe to competition specific magazines and newspapers.

Many of us enroll for a coaching class or test series.  We chart out a daily routine for study and promise to study for 12 hours a day (maybe more, but not less). 

But this initial enthusiasm fades away as the time-lapse. We get overwhelmed by the vast syllabus and study materials. 

We initially try to cope with the syllabus. But our inner-lazy-self convince us to relax. It says “What is the hurry? There is so much time to study. We will see it later. ” “Itni jaldi kya hai? Abhi to bahut samay hai. Padh lenge!”

As a result, we lose focus from the study and get lazy.

 What is Kaizen

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