Animals and their Scientific Name

  Scientific Name of Common Animals Sl. Animals Scientific Name 1. Alligator Alligator mississippiensis 2. Ant Formicidae 3. Asian Elephant Elephas Maximus 4. Bat Chiroptera 5. Bear Ursidae 6. Beetle Coleoptera 7. Bengal tiger Panthera Tigris Tigris 8. Blue Whale Balsenoptera musculus 9. Buffalo Syncerus Caffer 10. Butterfly Papilionoidea 11. Camel Camelus dromedaries 12. Cat … Continue reading Animals and their Scientific Name


GK Questions: General Science Set- 01

There are 15 questions in this practice set. With each question, there are 4 options. You have to choose which one of them is correct. The answer is given with each question. You will find external links with each answer. You can learn further about the topic by visiting those links. Questions in this set … Continue reading GK Questions: General Science Set- 01