Q. Which of the following terms is not used in Economics? A. Exogenous B. Depreciation C. Deep Market D. All are Economics term

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Answer: D. All are Economics term

Exogenous: In an economic model, an exogenous change is one that comes from outside the model and is unexplained by the model. 

Depreciation: In economics, depreciation is the gradual decrease in the economic value of the capital stock of a firm, nation or other entity, either through physical depreciation, obsolescence or changes in the demand for the services of the capital in question.

Deep Market: A securities exchange, or place of commerce, where a large number of shares can be bought and sold without drastically affecting the price.

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In terms of public expenditure, crowding-out effect implies?

Q. In terms of public expenditure, crowding-out effect implies:

A. Excess government subsidies distorting resource allocation

B. Excess private expenditure producing inflation

C. Market exploitation by the private sector due to reckless government expenditure.

D. Excess government expenditure, raising the interest rate and depressing the availability of funds.

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