Commonly used abbreviation ‘CMOS’ in computer science stands for?

Q. Commonly used abbreviation ‘CMOS’ in computer science stands for? A. Composite Metal-Oxide Semiconductor B. Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor C. Cyclical Metal-Oxide Semiconductor D. Complementary Mental-Oxide Semiconductor Answer: Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor CMOS is short for Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. CMOS is also referred to as a Real-Time Clock (RTC), Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) or CMOS RAM CMOS reside … Continue reading Commonly used abbreviation ‘CMOS’ in computer science stands for?


150 Important Computer Short Forms

Hello friends, if you have seen or practiced some computer awareness questions you may have got the question like "What does 'UMTS' stands for?" or  "What is the abbreviation of AMOLED?" or "What is the full form of IMEI?".  If you know these acronyms you will not only secure 1 or 2 definite marks, the … Continue reading 150 Important Computer Short Forms

Computer Awareness-Set 1

Hello friends, in every banking exams and some other competitive exams you may find computer related questions. So, it is beneficial for you to practice and learn these questions in advance.  Q1. Which power-point view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail and is useful in Rearranging slides? A. Slide Sorter View B. Notes Page … Continue reading Computer Awareness-Set 1