Hello Aspirant,

Essential Classes offers a unique approach for helping you in preparation for  your upcoming competitive examination.

We have simple and easy 3 step learning path:

Step 1- Attempt a question. You know the answer. Well done! Try another. If you don’t, then go to step 2.

Step 2- Study the explanation. Go through the each process given in the solution. You might learn to answer similar type of questions. Try your hand to solve the similar type of questions.  Still confused about how the answer came? Don’t worry! Dive deeper in step 3.

Step 3- Dive deeper into the concepts of each subject, viz. Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning ability, Data Interpretation and English Language. Learn the fundamentals behind them. Get yourself armoured with shortcut methods to save time.

Interest to learn with us:

Go to the class (Each day we offer 1 lesson on each topic).