Synonym Test-English-Set 1

Choose the correct synonym from the below options: Q1. The best synonym of Nascent is: A. Lively B. Beginning Q2. The best synonym of Epoch is: A. Period B. Cause Q3. The synonym of Placid is: A. Weakened B. Calm Q4. The best synonym of Benign is: A. Harmless B. Childlike Q5. The best synonym of Paramount is: A. Supreme … Continue reading Synonym Test-English-Set 1


25 Qustions – English Vocabulary Test- Set 1

Can you solve this high school vocabulary test? Fill in the blank with the suitable word given in the options. Q1. When people are asked to assess something, they need to __________ it. A. appraise B. apprise Q2. An even score at the end of a ballgame is a __________. A. draw B. drawer Q4. … Continue reading 25 Qustions – English Vocabulary Test- Set 1