Google doodle for ‘My Story’ of Kamala Das

Google honors the English poetess and at the same time a leading Malayalam author from Kerala, Kamala Das, with a doodle. According to Google, on this day (01 February) in 1976, her autobiography 'My Story' was published. Regarded as one of the influential feminist authors in the post-colonial era, Kamala Das also wrote under her pen name Madhavikutty. Her … Continue reading Google doodle for ‘My Story’ of Kamala Das


Current Affairs Question-Answer-Set 01

Q1. Recently, which organization smoothens the process for allotment of UAN or Universal Account Number for its 5 crore customers? A. LIC B. Indian Postal Service C. EPFO D. Central Board of Excise and Customs Answer: C. EPFO Learn more: Q2. What were the objectives of the setting up of Small Industries and Development … Continue reading Current Affairs Question-Answer-Set 01

Current Affairs Quiz-28 December 2017

Q1. Who was selected as captain of India’s under-19 team at the World Cup that starts in January 2018? A. Himanshu Rana B. Shubman Gill C. Manjot Kalra D. Prithvi Shaw Answer: D. Prithvi Shaw Learn more: Q2.  Who became the first golfer from India to win the Joburg Open? A. Jyoti Randhawa … Continue reading Current Affairs Quiz-28 December 2017

Current Affairs-21 December 2017

Choose the correct answer from the given options: Q1. According to a recent news, the state government of Kerala did not recommend Vellayani lake for funds under the central government’s National Wetland Conservation Programme (NWCP). Vellayani lake is located in which of the following place? A. Kottayam B. Alapuzha C. Thiruvananthapuram D. Kozhikode Q2. Recently the Centre made a … Continue reading Current Affairs-21 December 2017

Current Affairs Quiz-18 December 2017

Q1. The Nordic-Baltic embassies hosted the first ever youth film festival of the European nations in the India city of A. Mumbai B. New Delhi C. Pune D. Chennai Answer: B. New Delhi    Learn more: Q2. Which state govt has appointed Phanindra Sama as Chief Innovation Officer of the State? A. Odisha B. Tamil Nadu … Continue reading Current Affairs Quiz-18 December 2017

Current Affairs[Quiz]-12 December 2017

Q1. Which scheme has been approved by the state government of Bihar aimed at putting a check on eve-teasing and other crimes against women at public places across the state? A. "Safe City for Women" B. "City Surveillance for Women" C. "Safe City Surveillance" D.  "Women Safety City Surveillance" Answer: C. "Safe City Surveillance" Learn more: Q2. The … Continue reading Current Affairs[Quiz]-12 December 2017

Current Affairs-9 December 2017

Q1. 11th World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial conference (MC11) will take place in: A. Nairobi B. New Delhi C. Buenos Aires D. Geneva Answer: C. Buenos Aires Learn more: Q2. Who has been named as the new CEO of India's second largest IT company Infosys? A. Mazumdar-Shaw B. Ali Neemuchwala C. Salil Parekh D. Rajesh Gopinathan Answer: C. … Continue reading Current Affairs-9 December 2017

Daily Current Affairs Quiz-30 November 2017

Hello friends, this post will practice you current affairs questions for your competitive examination.  Questions are given for you to try first. At the end of the post I posted the answers with explanation for you to test your current affairs knowledge and learn. Q1.  Which hospitality sector company has recently inked a tripartite Memorandum … Continue reading Daily Current Affairs Quiz-30 November 2017

Current Affairs Quiz – 25 November 2017

Q1. On 22 November 2017, the Union Cabinet has given its approval for continuation of the scheme on Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) to make it self-sustainable by the end of A. FY 2018-19 B. FY 2019-20 C. FY 2020-21 D. FY 2021-22 Q2. Which city will host the 2019 Badminton and Para-Badminton World Championships simultaneously?    … Continue reading Current Affairs Quiz – 25 November 2017

Current Affair Quiz-01 Sep 2017

Q1. Which among the following virtual currencies has the largest market capitalization? A. Litecoin B. Bitcoin C. Dogecoin D. Peercoin Answer: B. Bitcoin According to, as on 02 September 2017, Bitcoin has the market cap of $81.20 billion while Ethereum which is on the 2nd position has the market cap of $36.45 billion. Learn more: CryptoCurrency … Continue reading Current Affair Quiz-01 Sep 2017