Biennial Elections for 59 Rajya Sabha seats are to take place on 23rd March

Election Commission (EC) has announced the date for the biennial election to the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) to fill the seats of 58 members from 16 States who are retiring in April-May 2018.

The polling as well counting of votes will take place on 23rd March, 2018.

Below are the 16 States from which 58 members of the Rajya Sabha is going to be elected-

  1. Andhra Pradesh (3 members)

  2. Bihar (6 members)

  3. Chhattisgarh (1 member)

  4. Gujarat (4 members)

  5. Haryana (1 member)

  6. Himachal Pradesh (1 member)

  7. Karnataka (4 members)

  8. Madhya Pradesh (5 members)

  9. Maharashtra (6 members)

  10. Telangana (3 members)

  11. Uttar Pradesh (10 members)

  12. Uttarakhand (1 member)

  13. West Bengal (5 members)

  14. Odisha (3 members)

  15. Jharkhand (2 members)

  16. Rajasthan (3 member)

Besides above, polling for 1 Rajya Sabha seat from Kerala will also take place on the same day. The seat was vacant since 20.12.2017 after the resignation of Shri M.P. Veerendra Kumar.

Source: PIB


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