Buddha preached his first sermon at

Q. Buddha preached his first sermon at

A. Gaya
B. Sarnath
C. Pataliputra
D. Vaishali

Answer: B.  Sarnath

Mahatma Buddha, about 5 weeks after his enlightenment, went to Sarnath where he preached his first sermon in the deer park to set in motion the ‘Wheel of the Dharma’. 

At there, Gautama Buddha met and taught his 5 former companions the middle way of life which avoids extremes. He preached the Four Noble Truths and prescribed the Eight-fold path.

The Four Noble Truths are:

  1. There is suffering;
  2. Suffering has a cause;
  3. The cause is removable, and
  4. There are ways to remove the causes.

To remove the causes the Buddha prescribed an Eight-fold Path:

Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness, Right concentration, Right attitude and Right view.

A Monastic tradition flourished for over 1,500 years on the site of the deer park at Sarnath. In the third century, BC Ashoka erected a column 15.24 m in height which had four lions as its capital which is now treasured in the archaeology museum. The 4-lion at Sarnath is now the State Emblem of India (‘Ashok Chakra’).

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