Fill in the blank with appropriate words:

Q1. He objected to the proposal because it was founded on a ________ principle and also was ________ at times.
A. faulty, desirable
B. imperative, reasonable
C. wrong, inconvenient
D. sound, acceptable
E. conforming, deplorable

Q2. The criterion for ________ a player should be based on his recent performance; but unfortunately, the journalists are _________ to be carried away by earlier successes.
A. condemning, satisfying
B. judging, prone
C. revealing, reluctant
D. eager, acclaiming
E. criticizing, clean

Q3. For the last half-century, he _________ himself to public affairs ___________ taking a holiday.
A. by, committed
B. after, offered
C. devoted, without
D. sacrificed, after
E. prepared, before

Q4. You will see signs of ________ everywhere, which speak well for the ___________ of these people.
A. decorations, senses
B. clear, debris
C. beauty, careful
D. industry, prosperity
E. repairs, extravaganza

Q5. The police arrested Ramesh on a ________ of theft but for lack of evidence _________ him.
A. crime, imprisoned
B. punished, complained
C. left, condition
D. tip, absconding
E. charge, released

Q6. The musician had a soar throat. Despite that, performance at the concert was ________.
A. outstanding
B. sub-standard
C. undesirable
D. excellence
E. happy

Q7. We spared no effort to win, but the opposite side did better. The result was obviously _________ us.
A. in favor of
B. rejoicing
C. against
D. grudging
E. introspecting

Q8. There is a growing indifference among the villagers. ___________ of them bothered to extinguish the fire which broke out in the hutments.
A. Most
B. Many
C. Few
D. None
E. Everyone

Q9. Ill health cannot dampen his spirit. He was found quite ____________ at the ceremony.
A. spiritual
B. effervescent
C. subdued
D. uncomfortable
E. nervous

Q10. He found the jewelry box empty. All the ornaments, jewels, etc. were _________.
A. protected
B. seized
C. sold
D. melted
E. stolen


1. D. sound, acceptable

2. B. judging, prone

3. C. devoted, without

4. D. industry, prosperity

5. D. tip, absconding

6. A. outstanding

7. C. against

8. D. None

9. B. effervescent

10. E. stolen




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