Synonym Test-English-Set 1

Choose the correct synonym from the below options:

Q1. The best synonym of Nascent is:

A. Lively
B. Beginning

Q2. The best synonym of Epoch is:

A. Period
B. Cause

Q3. The synonym of Placid is:

A. Weakened
B. Calm

Q4. The best synonym of Benign is:

A. Harmless
B. Childlike

Q5. The best synonym of Paramount is:

A. Supreme
B. Heavy

Q6. The best synonym of Bereavement is:

A. Sympathy
B. Grief

Q7. The best synonym of Parsimonious is:

A. Stingy
B. Quarrelsome

Q8. The best synonym of Affable is:

A. Friendly
B. Sticky

Q9. The best synonym of Extol is:

A. Tighten
B. Praise

Q10. The best synonym of Indemnify is:

A. Produce
B. Insure

Answer key with the explanation:

1. B. Beginning

When we start something we say, it is in a nascent stage. It also means the birth or beginning of something.

Other synonyms are: 

emergent – emerging coming into existence
dissilient – bursting open with force, as do some ripe seed vessels
parturient – giving birth

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2. A. Period

Epoch means a particular period of time in history or a person’s life esp the beginning of the period. For example- The epoch when the Earth was a hot planet. 

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3. B. Calm

A Placid person does not get excited or be upset easily. He does not easily get irritated. He remains content and calm. 

Placid can be used for water which has a smooth surface and no waves.

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4. A. Harmless

When something is benign we can assume it is harmless. For example, a cycle is benign of transport. It is not harmful to the environment. 

Someone or something that is benign is gentle, kind, mild, or unharmful.

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5. A. Supreme

When we give importance to something or someone at supreme level; we can say we are giving paramount importance.

In some circumstances, paramount goes way beyond “important.” It’s absolutely critical. Something that is of paramount importance as it has a great urgency to it.

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6. B. Grief

Bereavement is used to express the feeling of sadness due to loss or death of someone close.

It is the period of sorrow that follows the death of a loved one.

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7. A. Stingy

A parsimonious person is unwilling to spend a lot of money or a miserly person. Stringy is the common and most used synonym of this word.

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8. A. Friendly

When you meet someone and if he greets you with warmth and with friendly gesture, you can say he has an affable nature

Affable means friendly, pleasant, and easy to talk to. 

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9. B. Praise

When you extol something or someone, you praise it very highly. You glorify it.

Some synonyms of this extol are exalt, glorify, laud, proclaim.

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10. B. Insure

When you Indemnify; you secure against future loss, damage, or liability. In another word, you insure. The farmers bought insurance to indemnify themselves and their animals against catastrophic loss.

For example: ” The government’s plan indemnifies unorganized workers against wages lost through illness.”

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