Banking Awareness Practice Questions with Answers

Banking and Economic Awareness-Set 01

Q1. CRISIL, the largest credit rating agency in India was established in A. 1985 B. 1987 C. 1992 D. 1994 Answer: B. 1987 CRISIL short for Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited was the first credit rating agency set up in India on January 29, 1987. The agency started operations in 1988.  At the time … Continue reading Banking and Economic Awareness-Set 01


Current Affair Quiz-01 Sep 2017

Q1. Which among the following virtual currencies has the largest market capitalization? A. Litecoin B. Bitcoin C. Dogecoin D. Peercoin Answer: B. Bitcoin According to, as on 02 September 2017, Bitcoin has the market cap of $81.20 billion while Ethereum which is on the 2nd position has the market cap of $36.45 billion. Learn more: CryptoCurrency … Continue reading Current Affair Quiz-01 Sep 2017

Current Affairs Quiz – 31 August 2017

1. Which public sector bank has recently launched ‘Unnati’ credit card? A. State Bank of India B. Bank of Baroda C. Punjab National Bank D. Indian Bank Answer: A. State Bank of India Learn more: Here are 10 key features of SBI Card Unnati 2. Third G-20 framework working group meet was held at ________ from March 28 … Continue reading Current Affairs Quiz – 31 August 2017