‘India In a Day’ a documentary film released at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016, was directed by:

Answer: Richie Mehta


Photo Courtesy: http://www.tiff.net/films/india-in-a-day

‘India In a Day’ is a documentary film directed by Richie Mehta, produced by Ridley Scott and powered by Google.


It is one of the first kind of film which used crowd-sourced as film making process.

To make this film the production house chose a single day and asks Indian to record their lives on camera or on a smart phone and upload the footage on a website powered by Google on that day.

Millions of Indians participated. All those video footage was then stringed together by the director to transform in a lyrical portrait of a country.

It gives the heartfelt image of the people across India with their joys and troubles.

It was released on Sep 16 2016 at Toronto International Festival.

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