In 2014, all the dairy majors of the India along with Indian Dairy Association had resolved to observe National Milk Day in the memory of Verghese Kurien on:

Answer: 26th November


Since 2014, November 26 is being observed as National Milk Day to mark the birth anniversary of Father of the White Revolution Dr. Verghese Kurien.

The idea of observing National Milk Day was first proposed by Indian Dairy Association in 2014 on the lines of World Milk Day observed on June 1 under the aegis of UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

The first NMD was observed on 26 November 2014 by all Indian dairy sector majors including National Dairy Development Board, Indian Dairy Association along with state level milk federations.

Dr. Verghese Kurien was the man behind White Revolution in India and executed the much-needed program of “Operation Flood” in 1970, a project of India’s National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), which was the world’s biggest dairy development program.



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