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By attempting a quiz you get to understand how much you know about the subject.  

Also, when you actively participate and try to give the answer, even if it goes wrong, the underlying curiosity makes you alive.

You learn the facts and the answer which stick to your mind for a longer time. Good for the exam, doesn’t it?

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5-Minute Challenge- How much can you Score?

Hello friends, till date we are having quizzes on our Facebook page. Now it’s time to revise and challenge yourself.

How much can you score in 5 minutes? It’s a new series of practice in which you have limited time to answer like a live exam.

Instructions for you to remember:

  1. There are 10 Questions
  2. Each correct answer carries one mark
  3. There is also a negative marking. One mark will be deducted for each wrong answer
  4. You need minimum 70% mark to pass this quiz
  5. You have five minutes to answers all the questions
  6. After you submit or time expires, you will see your result
  7. You can click on “Review Answers” to know the correct answer and its explanation
  8. Click on Next Page to go to next question.
  9. If you see only the link, please click on it to open the quiz.

I hope you will enjoy it. Best of luck!!