Current Affairs and GK – Set-05

There are 20 questions in this practice set. With each question, there are 4 options. You have to choose which one of them is correct.

The answer is given with each question. You will find external links with each answer. You can learn further about the topic by visiting those links.

Questions in this set were asked on our Facebook Page. If you’ve come here from our page, in this post you will find the answer to the questions I asked.

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1. The Government of India declared itself free from Avian Influenza (H5N8 and H5N1) from 6 June 2017 and notified the same to World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The Avian Influenza is commonly known as:
A. Swine Flu
B. Stomach Flu
C. Bird Flu
D. Type A Flu

Answer: C. Bird Flu

Learn more:

  1. Bird flu: India declares itself free from Avian Influenza
  2. Avian influenza viruses

2. Which state government has signed an agreement with Internacional Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) to set up a high-performance sports academy of international standard?
A. Maharashtra
B. Haryana
C. Bihar
D. Odisha

Answer: D. Odisha

Learn more: State inks global sports centre deal

3. 22nd Asian Athletics Championship 2017 which is scheduled for 6 July to 9 July 2017 are being held in which state?
A. West Bengal
B. Odisha
C. Kerala
D. Delhi

Answer: B. Odisha

Learn more: 22nd Asian Athletics Championship 2017

4. The UN’s world heritage body UNESCO listed Hebron city in its ‘in danger’ list. The city is located in which country?
A. Peru
B. Syria
C. Israel
D. Iraq

Answer: C. Israel

Learn more: Unesco makes Hebron old city Palestinian world heritage site

5. After the GST has been implemented, the Union Government warned that manufacturers would face a penalty up to Rs ________ and a jail term for violation of the packaged commodities rules – not printing revised price on unsold and new products.
A. 1 Lakh
B. 1.5 Lakh
C. 2 Lakh
D. 6 Lakh

Answer: A. 1 Lakh


6. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) signed an agreement to launch a Student-Scientist connect programme. The name of the programme is:

Answer: C. JIGYASA

Learn more: “JIGYASA” – Student-Scientist connect programme launched 

7. SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited has signed an agreement with which bank to create a $200 million IT and innovation fund?
A. Evrofinance Mosnarbank
B. Novikombank
C. Vnesheconombank
D. UniCredit Bank Russia

Answer: C. Vnesheconombank

Learn more: SREI, Russia’s Vnesheconombank to create $200 mn IT fund

8. According to Check Point’s Mobile Research Team, a family of Android malware infected 14 million devices and rooted 8 million in 2016. Name the malware?
A. CopyCat
B. Duqu
C. Mahdi
D. WannaCry

Answer: A. CopyCat


9. Malabar Exercise 2017, a mega naval exercise, is being conducted in Bay of Bengal between India, the US and _________.
A. Sri Lanka
B. Japan
C. Australia
D. Thailand

Answer: B. Japan

Learn more: Malabar 2017: India, US, Japan to kick off mega naval exercise from Friday

10. The long distance runner who clinched the gold medal in men’s 5000-meter race at the athletic meet at 22nd Asian Athletics Championships is:
A. Yaser Salem
B. Tariq Ahmed
C. G Lakshmanan
D. Aprilia Kartina

Answer: C. G Lakshmanan

Learn more: Asian Athletics Championship: G Lakshmanan, Manpreet Kaur brave Odisha’s humidity, grab gold medals

11. Kewal Handa has been appointed as non-executive chairman of which bank?
A. Union Bank of India
B. Dena Bank
C. Yes Bank
D. United Bank of India

Answer: A. Union Bank of India

Learn more: Kewal Handa appointed non-executive chairman of Union Bank

12.  South Indian Bank has tied up with which forex company for remittance facility for the benefit of Indian expatriates from Australia?
A. Think Forex
B. FxPro
C. PFG Forex
D. Forex Capital Trading

Answer: C. PFG Forex

Learn more: South Indian Bank ties up with PFG Forex

13. In a major step towards protecting customers from large financial losses on account of frauds in online transactions, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set a rule for a customer to notify the bank within _________ working days of the transaction to avoid losses.
A. seven
B. five
C. three
D. two

Answer: C. three

Learn more: Report fraud in 3 days to avoid losses: RBI

14. West Bengal Government is celebrating Kanyashree Utsav on July 25, 2017. The Utsav is for:
A. the girls who have made achievements in different areas under various Kanyashree schemes
B. the girls under the age of 25 who have made achievements in various fields of public sector
C. promoting girl education in West Bengal
D. promoting schemes and services provided by West Bengal government for girls

Answer: A. the girls who have made achievements in different areas under various Kanyashree schemes

Learn more: Kanyashree Utsav to be held on July 25

15. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE for “Liquidity” which is often used in the banking sector:
A. It is the cash available in the system.
B. It can be surplus, neutral but not deficit.
C. Higher quantity of it helps reduce short-term interest rates, while low availability can push up rates
D. All are TRUE

Answer: B. It can be surplus, neutral but not the deficit.
Liquidity is the cash available in the system. It can be surplus, neutral or deficit. A Higher quantity of it helps reduce short-term interest rates, while low availability can push up rates without any RBI policy action. 

Learn more: How RBI manages liquidity

16. The 2016 Anti-Hijacking Act which came into force recently replaces a ______________, according to which hijackers could be tried only in the event of a death of hostages, such as flight crew, passengers and security personnel.
A. 1981-vintage law
B. 1982-vintage law
C. 1982-Anti Hijacking law
D. 1976-Aviation law

Answer: B. 1982-vintage law

Learn more: India’s tough anti-hijacking law comes into force

17. As per a report published by the Department of International Trade, India is the ________ largest investor in the UK.
A. 5th
B. 4th
C. 2nd
D. 6th

Answer: B. 4th

Learn more: India slips to be 4th largest investor into UK

18. India’s renowned sports media brand, Sports Illustrated (SI) India Magazine concluded the sixth edition of ‘Maruti Suzuki Sportsperson of the Year’?
A. Deepa Malik
B. PV Sindhu
C. Shiva Keshavan
D. K.L Rahul

Answer: B. PV Sindhu

Learn more: PV Sindhu Wins Sportsperson of the Year 2017

19.  What is the rank of India in the second Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI), released by the UN telecommunications agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU)?
A. 22
B. 25
C. 24
D. 23

Answer: D. 23

Learn more: India ranks 23 of 193 countries on Global Cybersecurity Index 2017: UN

20. Which bank has partnered with domestic Android-based mobile operating system Indus OS to launch an OS-integrated UPI payment platform?
A. Yes Bank
B. Dena Bank
C. Axis Bank
D. Vijaya Bank

Answer: A. Yes Bank

Learn more: Indus OS, YES Bank to launch OS-integrated UPI payment platform




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