Quiz 06- GK

1. What is the normal plasma volume in whole blood?

A. 45%

B. 92%

C. 55%

D. 85%

1. C. 55%

Learn more: What Is Plasma?

2. A person with ‘O’ negative blood type can receive blood from which blood-type person?

A. O +

B. O –

C. Either A or B

D. None of the above

2. B. O -

Learn more: Your O- Blood Is Important

3. Cloves are obtained from which of the following parts of the plant?

A. Flower buds

B. Seeds

C. Stems

D. Roots

3. A. Flower buds

Learn more: Where Do Cloves Come from?

4. Which chloride salt is responsible for the green color in a Firework display?

A. Strontium

B. Lithium

C. Barium

D. Sodium

4. C. Barium

Learn more: Firework Colors Chemistry

5. The extremely hot and dry local winds which blow in North Indian plains in the summer is called?

A. Karaburan

B. Loo

C. Chinook

D. Fohn

5. B. Loo

Learn more: 
1. Loo (wind)
2. Types of Winds

6. The famous Talcher Coalfield is situated in which state?

A. Jharkhand

B. Odisha

C. Telangana

D. Maharashtra

6. B. Odisha


7. Alpha Keratin is a protein present in:

A. Spinach

B. Hair

C. Liver

D. Red meat

7. B

Learn more: Alpha-keratin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

8. Name the scientist who coined the term “Protein”? 

A. Emil Fischer

B. Jöns Jacob Berzelius

C. Edward Mellanby

D. Elmer McCollum

8. B. Jöns Jacob Berzelius

Learn more: Protein

9. Vitamin C is also known as:

A. Ascorbic acid

B. Butyric acid

C. Benzoic acid

D. Citric acid

9. A. Ascorbic acid

Learn more: Vitamin C

10. Galvanized iron sheets have a coating of:

A. Tin

B. Zinc

C. Lead

D. Chromium

10. B. Zinc

Learn more: Galvanized Iron sheet

11. I.B.R.D. is also known as:

A. International Bank

B. World Bank

C. Asian Development Bank

D. Rural Development Bank

11. B. World Bank

Learn more: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

12. Gupta King who assumed the title of Vikramaditya was:

A. Chandragupta II

B. Samudragupta

C. Skandagupta

D. Kumargupta

12. A. Chandragupta II

Learn more: Chandragupta II

13. Part IV of the Constitution of India deals with:

A. Citizenship

B. Fundamental Rights

C. Union Executive

D. Directive Principles of State Policy

13. D. Directive Principles of State Policy 


14. The Partition of Bengal was revoked by the British Government in the year:

A. 1907

B. 1911

C. 1919

D. 1926

14. B. 1911

Learn more: Partition of Bengal

15. What is the new name of the old region “siam”? 

A. Myanmar

B. Thailand

C. Philippines

D. Cambodia

15. B. Thailand 

Learn more: Thailand old name

16. Great poet Amir Khusrow’s birthplace was:

A. Kesh

B. Kanpur

C. Patiyali

D. Tehran

16. C. Patiyali

Learn more: Amir Khusrow

17. Bauxite is an ore of the one of the following metal:

A. Brass

B. Copper

C. Aluminum

D. Tin

17. C. Aluminum 

Learn more: Bauxite

18. Who organized the fourth Buddhist Council? 

A. Ashoka

B. Harsha

C. Bindusar

D. Kanishka

18. D. Kanishka 

Learn more: Fourth Buddhist council

19. Who was the last ruler of the Lodhi dynasty? 

A. Ibrahim Lodhi

B. Bahlol Lodhi

C. Sikander Lodhi

D. Daulat Khan Lodhi

19. A. Ibrahim Lodhi 

Learn more: Lodi dynasty

20. Who among the following decides whether a bill is a ‘Money bill’ or not? 

A. The President of India

B. Cabinet Committee on Economic affairs

C. Speaker of the Lok Sabha

D. Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

20. C. Speaker of the Lok Sabha 

Learn more: Money Bills vs. Other Bills

21. ‘Bar’ is the metric measurement unit of:

A. Heat

B. Current

C. Weight

D. Atmospheric Pressure

21. D. Atmospheric Pressure 

Learn more: What is bar (unit)

22. The Right to vote is a:

A. Statutory right

B. Constitutional right

C. Civil right

D. Fundamental right

22. A. Statutory right

Learn more: 
1. PUCL v. Union of India on Right to Vote and Article 19
2. Why is the right to vote not a fundamental right in India?

23. Which of the following hills connect eastern and western ghats? 

A. Satpura

B. Aravalli

C. Nilgiri

D. Deccan

23. C. Nilgiri 

Learn more: [Conversation] Western Ghats: Overview of Physical Geography, Rivers & Biodiversity

24. Which country is known as the ‘Cockpit of Europe’? 

A. Luxembourg

B. Belgium

C. Switzerland

D. Netherlands

24. B. Belgium 

Learn more: Cockpit of Europe

25. In Uttar Pradesh, Charkula folk dance is related to which region? 

A. Ruhelkhand

B. Braj

C. Avadh

D. Bundelkhand

25. B. Braj


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