Quiz 03- Current Affairs 

The quiz given below is important for various competitive examinations.

Please answer the following questions. (You can find the answer key at the end of the post.)

1.  India’s first ever micro drama festival was held in which city? 

A. Lucknow

B. Kolkata

C. Bhopal

D. New Delhi

2. Which country has given its honorary citizenship to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai?  

A. Britain 

B. France 

C. Canada 

D. Australia 

3. “Sagarmatha Friendship 2017” was the joint military drill between which two countries? 

A. India and Nepal

B. Nepal and Myanmar

C. China and Nepal

D. Russia and Nepal

4. Who topped the reader’s poll for TIME-100, an annual list of world’s most influential people? 

A. Narendra Modi

B. Rodrigo Duterte

C. Donald Trump

D. Satya Nadela

5. Which woman of Indian origin, recently, was named the ‘Asian Business Woman of the Year’? 

A. Pramila Jaipal

B. Anuja Dheer

C. Asha Khemka

D. Shefali Rajdan

6. Who won the Singapore Open Super Series? 

A. Kidambi Shrikant

B. B. Sai Praneeth

C. Saurabh Verma

D. Ajay Ram

7. To encourage the tourism in India, Indian Railway has designed a special coach which was flagged off recently on trial basis. Name this coach? 

A. Fairy Queen coach

B. Maharaja coach

C. Vistadome coach

D. Royal coach

8. According to recently released,  Swachh Bharat Survey 2017, which is the cleanest city of India? 

A. Bhopal

B. Indore

C. Tirupathi

D. Mysuru

9. Who was crowned recently as Miss Teen Universe 2017? 

A. Srishti Kaur

B. Xirelle Augustin 

C. Nicole Obando 

D. Prachi Kaur

10. 64th National Award for the Best book on cinema was given to? 

A. Silent Cinema

B. Cinema ga Cinema

C. R. D. Burman: The Man The Music

D. Lata: Sur Gatha


Answer key 

1. D. New Delhi

Read the news Vriksh, India’s first micro-drama festival, looks to say it all in 10 minutes

2. C. Canada 

Read the news Malala is ‘humbled’ by honorary Canadian citizenship

3. C. China and Nepal

Read the news Nepal-China joint military drill kicks off

4. B. Rodrigo Duterte

Read the news Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Wins TIME 100 Reader Poll

5. C. Asha Khemka

Read the news British-Indian educationist named ‘Asian Businesswoman of the Year’

6. B. B. Sai Praneeth

Read the news Singapore Open Final: B Sai Praneeth wins the Singapore Super Series title

7. C. Vistadome coach

Read the news Glass Roofs to Rotating Chairs: 6 Incredible Facts About the Indian Railways’ New Vistadome Coaches

8. B. Indore

Read the news Indore is India’s cleanest city, UP’s Gonda dirtiest: Swachh Bharat survey

9. A. Srishti Kaur

Read the news Noida’s Srishti Kaur wins Miss Teen Universe 2017; watch the crowning moment

10. D. Lata: Sur Gatha

Read the news National Film Awards 2017: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor felicitated by Pranab Mukherjee


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