Know the Parliament of India-FAQ

In this series of “Know the Parliament of India”, I am sharing the facts and information about the Parliament, its functions, its composition and constitutional framework.

To make the learning easier, I am providing information in Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) format.

So, here is the first question.

1. What is the Parliament?


According to the Constitution of India, the union legislative body is called the Parliament.

The Hindi term for Parliament is Sansad (संसद).

The Parliament of India, representing as it does all politically organised shades of public opinion at the national level, occupies a preeminent and

pivotal position in the country’s constitutional set-up.

The Parliament is a forum constituting representatives of people and representatives of states and Union Territories.

Over the years, the grievances and aspirations of people of this country have been fulfilled and the problems of the country have been resolved through this forum.

 It has also, over the years, carved out for itself a unique place to discuss and debate the issues, policies and promises made to the people of the Republic of India.

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