The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, headed by minister Venkaiah Naidu, launched E-Cinepramaan

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, headed by minister Venkaiah Naidu, launched E-Cinepramaan or Online Film Certification System on 27 March to promote transparency and ease of doing business in film industry.

Ministry said in a statement, the objective is to eliminate the need for human interface to the extent possible.

The new online certification system would be an important step in making the CBFC (Central  Board of Film Certification) Office paperless and would enable effective monitoring & real time progress tracking for both CBFC Officials and the applicant (Producers).

The Salient features of the online film certification system are as follows:

  1. In the e-cinepramaan, the status of each application would be visible online in the dashboard of the producer/concerned CBFC official.
  2. In case of short films/promos/trailers less than 10 minutes, even for Examination purposes also, the producer need not visit the Office/Theatre. They can merely submit their creations online.

iii. For films longer than 10 minutes, the applicant will only have to show the film at the Examining theatre and will not have to visit the CBFC Offices at all except to collect their certificates.

  1. The producer/applicant would be informed by SMS/e-mail of the status of their application and any action needed, beginning from the receipt of application to the certificate collection.
  2. The transparency in the system and elimination of middle men would mitigate chances of any corruption and would also avoid allegations of jumping the queue or rigging up of Examination committees.  
  3. The implementation of QR code on the certificates would eliminate chances of fraudulent certificates.

vii. The system envisages a robust MIS system for performance tracking and efficient reporting.

viii. The system has inbuilt alerts depending on the pendency of the application to ensure that time limits prescribed by the Rules are not violated.

  1. Simultaneously, a new CBFC Website has also been developed bringing in new user friendly features and important information at the click of a button.
  2. The online system has integrated the payments made by the producers towards certification fees with Bharatkosh portal, a Govt. of India system for all Non-tax revenue receipts. It would be the First Software to fully integrate with the Bharatkosh.




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