ADB approved a $500 million loan to build a river bridge in Bihar

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquartered in Manila, Philippines approved a $500 million loan to build a bridge across India’s Ganges River in Bihar. The road bridge will be parallel to the Gandhi setu bridge which is currently in a dire state.  The bridge will serve as an alternate route between Patna and Hajipur.

The length of the proposed road bridge is 9.8 kilometer (km) and will be India’s longest river bridge.

Along with the bridge structure itself, the project will also build viaducts, embankments, and toll and service facilities, and will link to national highway networks. A key feature will be a year-round embankment access road for the 250,000 inhabitants of the Raghopur Diara river island, ending their reliance on boats and a seasonal pontoon bridge as their only links to Patna.

Along with loan, ADB will also give $900,000 in technical assistance to improve bridge operation and management.

The state government of Bihar will provide support equivalent to $215 million.

The bridge is expected to complete by the end of December 2020.


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