RA Question 1- Inequality Problem

Which of the following expressions will be true if the expression R > O = A > S < T is definitely true? 1) O > T 2) S < R 3) T > A 4) S = O 5) T < R


Let me rewrite the expression:

R > O = A > S < T

To solve this type of question, it is better to check each option and test it for its truthfulness.

  1. O > T
    T > S < A = O
    T>S<O (because A = O)
    In the above expression, two symbols (>,<) are in opposite direction. According to inequality rules when two different symbols with equal priority make a relationship  with variables, the conclusion would be false.

    In this expression, S is less than T and it is also less than O. So, the relationship between T and O is undefined. T could be > or < or = with respect to O. To make it clear, suppose S is 30 and T is 50.

    S<T or 30<50.

    Now what would be the value of  O.

    O could be 40, greater than S but less than T.
    O>S; T<O

    O could be 50, which is greater than S but equals to T.
    O>S; O=T

    O could be 60, which is greater than S and also greater than T
    O>S; O>T

    Hence, conclusion O> T is false.

  2. S < R
    S< A = O < R

    S is less than A which is equals to O. A and O both is less than R,

    Hence, S < R. It’s true.There is no need to solve further as we get the answer (2) S < R



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